Hire these guys. Period. If you find yourself in a precarious situation and need a firm that will fight for you, look no further. Del Weldon and Zach Anderson did just that for me.

I’ll start with how I found Del and Zach. I had an incident that landed me with 2 misdemeanors and a FELONY charge. I had never been in any trouble before so this was really scary stuff. With a pending felony, my work suspended me immediately and indefinitely. I started calling every firm in Lawrenceburg that I could find online. After a day of calls, I still had no representation and had not talked with a single lawyer. Each firm took my contact info and said they would pass it on. A friend from work gave me Del Weldon’s number the next day. I called him at 6:30 pm (definitely past business hours) and he answered on the first ring. I told him my situation and for the next 30 minutes he walked me through his game plan. 10 minutes after our conversation, he emailed me an outline of what we just talked about, added Zach Anderson to the team, and gave me a list of things I should do to help my case.

The next day I had completed everything Del asked of me. He set up a meeting with the prosecutor and started negotiations. Typically, cases like mine can take 3-6 months to get a resolution. I was suspended without pay. I didn’t have 3-6 months to wait. I prayed Del and Zach had a good working relationship with the prosecutor. It was ultimately his decision if a deal could be worked out. I’ll spare you the suspense and drama- They worked out a deal. In LESS THAN A MONTH, they had a deal that was even better than the original one Del and I discussed. The felon was reduced so I could go back to work and the remaining charges were entered into a diversion agreement. This means that after one year of staying out of trouble, ALL charges go away! NO PROBATION. NO RECORD. NOTHING. I was looking at the possibility of 4 ½ years in jail. Thanks to Del and Zach, I got my life back. I made a mistake, found the right law firm, and they fought for me- And won. They always answered my calls.  They always responded promptly to my emails. They gave me great legal advice and even acted as my friends. I am forever grateful for what they did for me. Thank you Del. Thank you Zach.